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Avoid Thoughts That Weaken You

“Every single thought you have can be assessed in terms of whether it strengthens or weakens you. In fact, there’s a simple muscle test you can do to try out any thought that you’re having in the present moment. It works like this: Hold your arm out to your side and have someone else attempt to push your arm down while you resist. Think of telling a lie, and notice how much weaker you are than if you think of a truth. This can be done for any thought that elicits an emotional reaction.

… David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., elaborates on this method and provides a map of consciousness to show you how every thought computer to either weaken or strengthen you. Authentic wisdom is the ability to monitor yourself at all times to determine your relative state of weakness or strength, and to shift out of those thoughts that weaken you. In this way, you keep yourself in an upbeat, higher state of consciousness, and you prevent your thoughts from weakening every single organ of your body. When you use your mind to empower you, you’re appealing to that which uplifts and raises your spirits.

Power urges you to live and perform at your own highest level, and it is compassionate. Force, on the other hand, involves movement. This is unlike power, which is a standing field that never moves against anything. Because force is in motion, it always creates a counter-force. That counter-force constantly consumes, and must be fed, energy. Rather than being compassionate, force is associated with judgment, competition, and controlling others. For example, in an athletic event, your thoughts are on overpowering your opponent, being better than another, and playing and winning at any cost. The entire muscular structure of your body is actually weakened, because thoughts of force weaken you.

On the other hand, if in the midst of an athletic event you can keep your thoughts on performing at your highest capacity, on using your inner strength to muster the energy to be as efficient as it’s possible for you to be, and to have great respect for your God-given abilities, you will actually be empowering yourself. A thought of force requires a counter-force, and a battle that weakens; while a thought of power strengthens you, since no counter-force is called into play to consume your energy. Power thoughts energize you, since they make no demands on you. “

Excerpt taken from 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace

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