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How to manage holidays when you have depression

Winter holidays are the busiest time of the year, when you are busy with choosing gifts for your closest people, preparing for travelling, partying, and so on. When you’re surrounded by all sorts of holiday cheer, it seems like everyone would be full of positive energy, right? Well, not exactly. The reality is that the holiday season can be a difficult time for people who live with emotional disturbances.

There are so many pressures and expectations that come with the holidays that can worsen a person’s symptoms of depression and anxiety. Even though things might seems overwhelming right now, there are many ways to manage the holidays if you have depression.

If you feel some sort of pressure in your relationships with someone, you might see family members you do not share the same values and beliefs with or you might have toxic people in your family. Find a way to please these people and provide gifts that show them their worth.

However, high expectations for giving a perfect gift and planning the perfect holiday events can also heighten depression during the holidays. You need to take a step back and look at everything that can pile on top of you during this period of time.

Just remember, that feeling connected to others is really important to manage the symptoms of depression. Try to spend a small amount of time with someone. If being around your family makes you feel alone, try volunteering somewhere to see if you can make connections outside of your home. It is also recommended to find small activities that bring you joy, such as driving around your town looking at holiday lights, cooking or baking something that you can share with your friends or neighbours, watching old holiday movies or sending thoughtful notes to those you care about.

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