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How to Achieve Happiness?

All of us consider the notion of happiness as something we can get through our personal achievements and accomplishments. On the path to this goal we face quite a number of problems, which very often lead to stress exposure. When we achieve what we wanted and expected to have a fierce feeling of happiness, we experience disappointment as did not receive what had desired and struggled. Why is it so? Maybe happiness is something else? Can it be acquired, stored, and used when wanted? Dr. Wayne Dyer stressed out that “happiness is an attitude that comes from within you. It’s accessible when you place in your imagination an “I am” statement that reflects your attunement with the simple truth that happiness is indeed an inside job.” It means that we have an inner source for happiness, as happiness is the way itself. One of the techniques to find a happy, confident life is to use your imagination:

  • Place your desired life in the most prominent place within your imagination;
  • Live from this place as if it were your reality;
  • If outside world tells you it is an absurd, let the fearful thoughts fly away like passing clouds in the sky;
  • Persist in stating your affirmation “I am happy” or “I am content”, while feeling that you are already happy and content.

This approach allows you to comply with Dr. Wayne’s idea: “Don’t be dismayed when you encounter people and circumstances that attempt to convince you the “I am happy” assertion that you’ve placed in your imagination is absurd. Don’t let these objective attempts influence you to assume the feeling of a wish for unhappiness to be fulfilled!”

Going through this imagination technique you will naturally discontinue invasion of such thoughts as “I have a right to be miserable,” “How could I ever be happy with the circumstances that define my life?” “My parents, spouse, sister (any external relationship) make me unhappy,” and so on. It is important to be dedicated to your own subjective attention, as your subconscious mind understands who you intend to be.

Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks without hesitation on this matter:

Whether it’s your health, wealth, happiness, or any other element of your entire life experience, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of the movement of your attention. You must be obstinate and persistent in not allowing the viewpoints or information of others to alter your inner world. You know what you wish to become and what you would like to manifest for yourself. Now keep your imagination so aligned and feel it in your body. Using your subjective attention will produce the desired conditions.”

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