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Wise Inner Adviser

If you’re unsure about something, or need some guidance, then we all have some form of wise inner part of us which knows.

Start with relaxing using the relaxing “Safe-Place” imagery technique, then  imagine walking along a path a little way noticing a “Wise Inner Adviser” – this might be an older person, a representation of another being, perhaps a religious or spiritual figure, or some other being.  Use whatever feels right for you:

      • Make the image stronger by focusing on the scene, what you can see, hear, smell, touch.
      • Spend some time just being with your Wise Inner Adviser, feeling peaceful and comfortable.
      • Take the opportunity to ask your Wise Inner Adviser for general guidance or for advice on a particular issue.  Don’t expect an immediate answer, but be receptive to whatever comes up.

Some people notice in the following hours, days or weeks that they’ve received their “answer”, perhaps in a very unexpected way.

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