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Confident, Competent, & Content

We can use imagery to help us feel better about ourselves.

  • Think of a situation or event in the past when you have strongly felt this way.  Or think of a person (real or fictional) who has the qualities you desire.
  • Think about that time, or that person – what do you see?  What do you hear?  How are you/they behaving?  What do you/they look like?  What do you hear?  What else do you notice?
  • What feelings do you notice as you imagine yourself at that time, or being that person?  What do you feel now?
  • What physical sensations do you notice?
  • Can you think of a word which describes this good feeling, a word you can use to bring back this feeling whenever you need it?
  • Now focus on that word with the image, and notice the feelings.

You are now able to bring back this positive feeling, whenever you want or need to.

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