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“Don’t worry, be happy!”

Promoting happiness within society is good for health, but could the over-promotion of happiness have a downside? Across 2 studies, the researchers investigated two emotion norms that are associated with an emphasis on happiness: the importance of seeking positive emotion, and the importance of avoiding negative emotion. They also studied the question whether these norms have implications for how people respond to, and seek to regulate, their negative emotional experiences. In Study 1, the scientists used an experimental design to…

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Living in the moment

On average, people spend more time focusing on the present than thinking about the past or the future, finds a study published in the scientific journal Emotion. The researchers of this study also suggest that people who “live in the now” are more likely to become happier over time. Researchers texted 67 participants five times a day for one week, asking them what they were thinking at that moment and whether those thoughts were past-, present- or future-focused. Participants also completed…

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Changing Your Own Awareness of Yourself

How would we think and act in daily life if we were truly aware of our Divine essence? Obviously, there wouldn’t be room to reproach ourselves because we wouldn’t doubt our abilities. In fact, we’d never look in the mirror and feel anything but love and appreciation: We’d see ourselves as fully capable of attracting all we desire; we’d treat our body with reverence and care, giving thanks for its Divine design; we’d celebrate every thought we have, knowing its…

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