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Wearable Devices / Mobile Apps and Your Mood

Wearable devices that can track how many steps you walked today, measure your heart rate or evaluate how well you slept last night successfully occupied the global market. Moreover, mobile technology is pushing new boundaries, aiming to measure emotional well-being as well as physical health. Tech companies claim that biosensor technology in the devices can detect stress and anxiety by tracking the body’s physical reactions. In 2017, Spire performed a Workplace Stress Study together with a Stanford psychology researcher. Spire is…

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In Stress and Coping

Does Laughter Really Prolong Your Life?

In my book, I am talking about the link between defence mechanisms suggested by Anna Freud. George Vailant investigated them further proposing to distinguish them in a hierarchical order from pathological to mature or adaptive ones. This idea became a start point for investigating the role of these defence mechanisms in our health and well-being. It so turned out that denial and humour became the most investigated defence mechanism in the area of medical psychology. In this post, I would…

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