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What are the health benefits and risk of lavender?

Lavender is grown in northern Africa and the Mediterranean mountains, often for extraction of its essential oils. The medicinal benefits of using lavender to treat anxiety, fungal infections, hair loss, and wounds have been demonstrated. Evidence does not yet support the use of lavender to treat depression, high blood pressure, nausea, menstrual pain, or eczema, among other conditions. Lavender is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and should not be taken in place of approved and prescribed medicines. Benefits Lavender oil is…

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Oxytocin, Family Relationships, and Health

The first discovery of oxytocin was made in 1906 by British pharmacologist Sir Henry Hallett Dale. Since that time, the scientists from different fields have been investigating this hormone. Psychologists did not avoid a temptation to study its actions in the areas of clinical psychology (e.g., Autism, fear, anxiety, and depression), behavioural psychology (e.g., addiction vulnerability, maternal behaviour and in-group bonding), and social psychology (e.g., expressing generosity and trust, and family relationships) either. Currently, the topic about the quality of…

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