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Why Meditate?

http://www.newsbefunny.com/community/informatsionnie-protsessi-v-informatsionnih-sistemah-shema.html информационные процессы в информационных системах схема Reading Dr. Dyer’s book Getting the Gap, I found the thoughts that might be helpful for those who are interested in meditation as a means for staying stress-free and healthy. The author  emphasizes the idea that practicing meditation takes us on a fabulous journey into the gap between our thoughts, where all the advantages of a more peaceful, stress-free, healthy, and fatigue-free life are available. The paramount reason for daily meditation is to get into the gap between our thoughts…

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In Stress and Coping

Is Humour Always Healthy?

сколько семян лука в 1 грамме Humour is a cognitive ability to recognize comic and amusing elements of the events. The feeling of humour also is linked with the ability to discover the contradictions in the surrounding world. The word humour is derived from the Ancient Greek idea about medical states of four substances in the human’s body – blood, lymph, yellow and black humors (bile). In the ancient medical community, health and well-being were defined in the frames of these substances. The psychology of humour…

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Is the mechanics of how you see things might be similar to perceiving stress?

как распаковать файл образа диска iso In stress research, scientists tend to use the term “perceived stress”. The use of this word combination does make sense, because the same situation one person perceives as stressful, but the other person sees it as neutral. The explanations of assessing the event differently fall into both psychological and biological planes. The biological approach, that involves the science of ophthalmology, is quite interesting. Jeremy Wolfe, head of the Visual Attention Lab at Harvard Medical School, says that “[i[f we want…

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In Stress and Coping

Does Music Influence Our Body at Stress?

настройка таблицы маршрутизации Most people have stresses in their lives. Pretty much everyone has a job, and this is a big source of stress. There are myriads of stressors related to work that include unemployment, some unresolved disputes with the manager, tension in the relationships with co-workers, even driving to the office might be very stressful due to traffic jams. You can be stressed out from the moment you wake up, even the night before, if you are thinking about the next day…

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