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Why do some people become prone to worries?

бюджет маркетинга пример Worrying is a feeling that all of us experience time to time, especially, when we face stressful events. However, some people are born to worry. You may ask: “How does it come?” The answer to this question has been received by the late 1990, when a group of scientists at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research had found a robust relationship between early adversity and lifelong anxiety and perceived stress. This finding inspired Dr. Meaney, a professor at McGill University,…

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How might our leg movements in sleep create a risk of stroke and heart disease?

http://reeltor24.ru/delo/srednespisochnaya-chislennost-obosoblennih-podrazdeleniy.html среднесписочная численность обособленных подразделений Although you, my readers, come to my blog to read my brief posts related to stress and health, I decided to share with you the information related to health, where stress might not play an essential role. Just recently, reading the Hospital News magazine, I paid my attention to an article where the author discussed the link between our sleep-related leg movements and stroke, heart disease, and even mortality. This information seemed quite helpful. And as we know that “Ipsa Scientia…

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Are the Physical Health and Mental Health Connected?

рассказ золотой луг краткое содержание Ancient Greeks believed that balance can be achieved when you have a sound mind and a sound body. Many years of research in Western science showed that they were right. We are one integrated organism, rather than a random collection of independent parts. What affects the body affects the mind. Sometimes a physical condition might be the cause or a contributing factor to the mental distress. There is no doubt that apparent mental health symptoms can have a physiological basis.…

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Fat Distribution in the Body and Health

http://exmagina.com/tech/testi-trudovoy-kodeks-rk.html тесты трудовой кодекс рк Within the problem of fat distribution in the body and health, the research is focused on the issues regarding the relationship between high fat foods and obesity or overweight of the population. It has been established the existence of the inherent limitations with the convention of grouping fatty acids based only on the number of double bonds, i.e. saturated fatty acids (SFA), monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). This classification is being employed for the purpose of…

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