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Does Toxic Pollution influence your health?

Bad air quality could contribute to poor mental health, suggests a study published in Health and Place. Researchers analyzed data from about 6,000 respondents to a U.S. nationally representative survey, cross-referencing participants’ self-reported psychological distress symptoms such as sadness and hopelessness with block-by-block pollution data from their neighbourhoods. In areas with high levels of particular pollution, psychological distress scores were 17% higher than in areas with low pollution. The correlation between pollution and distress held even after controlling for physical, behavioural…

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Have you ever been blamed for the problem?

Have you ever been in a difficult relationship with someone, when you ended up with being blamed for all the problems both of you were experiencing? And in this situation, you have tried to resolve a conflict with this person, but instead of finding a solution, all your partner did was put the responsibility for the problems completely on your shoulders… When you are being constantly blamed for things that go wrongly in your relationship, no doubt you start feeling…

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