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“Don’t worry, be happy!”

Promoting happiness within society is good for health, but could the over-promotion of happiness have a downside? Across 2 studies, the researchers investigated two emotion norms that are associated with an emphasis on happiness: the importance of seeking positive emotion, and the importance of avoiding negative emotion. They also studied the question whether these norms have implications for how people respond to, and seek to regulate, their negative emotional experiences. In Study 1, the scientists used an experimental design to…

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Does “happy” equal “healthy”?

Feeling happy is linked to good physical health among Americans but not among Japanese, finds a study in Psychological Science. Researchers analyzed data from almost 1,400 participants in two studies of midlife adults, one in the United States and one in Japan. Participants recorded how often they felt 10 different positive emotions over one month. Feeling frequent positive emotions was associated with healthy blood lipid levels known to be strongly predictive of risk for cardiovascular disease among American participants but not…

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Carrots, eggs, and coffee beans…

Some of you already know that my book The Solving Life’s Problems Workbook is in the process of being published. I am involved in the process of modification of some text. This activity makes me reading additional materials related to the topic to be sure that everything that I wanted to present to your attention. One of such books turned out to be Inspiration written by one of my favourite authors Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I liked one of the…

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