About Me

Hello to everyone! I am an established psychologist holding Master’s degrees in education and science (psychology), and Ph.D. in health psychology. For years, I have been investigating the impact of stress on the human’s neurological, endocrine and immune systems to see how our responses to obstacles modify our health. I focus on writing books which provide systematic reviews of research in stress and stress reduction. I strongly believe that

Knowledge of empirically proven tools to deal with stressful situation empowers us, human beings, to feel better and to get better.

My interest broadly aims at understanding what makes people resilient under stress. Specifically, I am investigating the published studies that help grasp how various stress management strategies alter coping and stress resilience. I am currently investigating studies that test how mindfulness meditation training impacts the brain, peripheral stress physiological responses, and stress-related disease outcomes. I also explore how the use of simple strategies – self-affirmation, rewarding activities, cognitive reappraisal – can buffer stress and improve problem-solving under pressure.

Working with scientific materials allows me to synthesize the existing knowledge about effective methods of preventing and treating depression/anxiety and enhancing emotional well-being. Using this knowledge, I have developed a stress management course, which includes a variety of techniques aimed at dealing with the problems we face on a day-to-day basis. Soon, this course will be available online.

Our journey through life produces constant challenges; and learning how to cope with them is extremely important for our mental health and physical well-being. For decades, psychologists and other health professionals have scientifically proven that effective problem solvers view problems more as opportunities for growth or positive change rather than threats. They also have self-confidence in their ability to adequately tackle difficulties and react to problems in a thoughtful and systematic manner rather than trying to avoid dealing with their problems.

My Credentials