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Stop Angry Rants in One Minute

“How you treat people is their karma; how you react is yours.” 

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

The internet might be just as good at promoting negative moods and ranting. The most recent research shows that ranting may make you feel better in a short run. Some research participants have reported feeling more relaxed immediately after writing a rant. However, it might make these people feel worse in the long run, experiencing more anger than most and express their anger in maladaptive ways.  Also, reading and writing rants have been found to be linked to negative shifts in their mood.

The practice of using anger as a tool for catharsis has been shown to be unhelpful and may even produce a long-term harm. 

Anger is an important emotion and serves a purpose. However, if anger and ranting have become your routine and normal emotional reaction, then you likely need to find ways to balance your nervous system.

One-Minute Practices to Stop Rants and Reduce Anger

If your mental wheels are stuck spinning in place—whether your rant is political, personal, or work-related—it may be time to let go and live free without the emotional encumbrances of your rant. Remember, this does not mean that you don’t care about your particular beliefs or issues. It just means that you are putting things in perspective and not letting yourself be consumed by your rant.

1) Limit Your Rant to One Minute

You can limit your rant to just one minute, and make it count! See how fast you can rant as you time yourself or have someone time you. After one minutes passes, you agree with yourself that you are done for the day. No more ranting, no more anger. See how you can live with things as they are… and without your ranting. 

2) Make an Executive Decision to Laugh It Off for One Minute

You can just laugh off the anger, the rant, the whole situation. Besides, it is your rant, and you can decide what to do with it! Just as you have invested in a rant, you can also disinvest. Laugh for one minute at your rant, at your ranting self, and even laugh at the righteousness of your rant. 

3) One-Minute Nature Vacation 

Nature can do wonders for cleansing away emotional debris. This is easy if you have a window or go outside. Find a tree, a cloud, a flower. Then, imagine you are that cloud, that flower that blade of grass, that tree. For a minute, imagine yourself floating in the sky or high up above the earth. Or, that you are that solid tree, branches open wide and absorbing the sun’s energy. Or that flower, opening its colourful blossoms for the buzzing bees. Let the natural elements take you on a refreshing one-minute vacation!


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