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Changing Your Own Awareness of Yourself

How would we think and act in daily life if we were truly aware of our Divine essence? Obviously, there wouldn’t be room to reproach ourselves because we wouldn’t doubt our abilities. In fact, we’d never look in the mirror and feel anything but love and appreciation: We’d see ourselves as fully capable of attracting all we desire; we’d treat our body with reverence and care, giving thanks for its Divine design; we’d celebrate every thought we have, knowing its Divine origin; and we’d become aware of our enormous talents and be awed by all that we are.

We need to encourage the awareness of our magnificence in every regard. When that awareness has been reawakened, the seedlings of inspiration will begin blossoming…

There’s no way to be in-Spirit without a changed awareness—so when we accomplish this, we give ourselves the gift of moving from being flawed, limited, lacking, and imperfect to being completely comfortable with our magnificence. This unspeakably glorious bounty is so close to us . . . all we have to do is to make a few “twinkling-of-an-eye” adjustments, so why not begin now?

Some Suggestions for Putting These Ideas to Work for You:

Forgiving yourself for everything you’ve felt shame about is highly important. Whatever happened was necessary, so let go of regret and replace your negative feelings with gratitude for what you’ve learned. If your objective is to be inspired, then you must eradicate your resistance to that magnificent state of being. After you’ve forgiven yourself, extend the same courtesy to everyone who you feel mistreated you. There are three people in my life whom I once felt so much anger and hatred toward that I’d get sick to my stomach whenever I thought of them. However, since I’ve extended love to these individuals, all manner of great things have flowed to me from the world of Spirit. Practice forgiveness every day. The most difficult or impossible situations are the most essential!

Keep a list of everything that interests and excites you, no matter how insignificant. Remind yourself that these are indicators or clues that within and around you lie both the talent and the necessary Spirit assistance to bring them into your reality.

— How about taking the time to give the temple in which you reside the ultimate love and respect? Your physical body is sacred space—it’s Divine, beautiful, and perfect—yet you can certainly choose to bestow upon it whatever improvements you wish… Firm it up, eliminate toxins, even redecorate it, but keep the awareness of your … body that’s capable of anything you desire from the place of being in-Spirit.

Look for opportunities to verify your greatness, and expand your view of yourself as a splendid creation. Whenever a thought of ordinariness pops into your mind, put the brakes on immediately and affirm something like: I’m a Divine being…” This silent reminder will do more for your inspiration than a thousand books and a hundred seminars.


Excerpt taken from Living an Inspired Life.


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