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Does Music Influence Our Body at Stress?

Most people have stresses in their lives. Pretty much everyone has a job, and this is a big source of stress. There are myriads of stressors related to work that include unemployment, some unresolved disputes with the manager, tension in the relationships with co-workers, even driving to the office might be very stressful due to traffic jams. You can be stressed out from the moment you wake up, even the night before, if you are thinking about the next day problems you might face, including commuting to work because some of us have to deal with highways, traffic and scheduling. And all this is unnatural as your body is bombarded by stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and histamine making the heart rate raise. And what happens is the thing called attribution, where when you heart rate is raising and you are looking for a reason for that might cause stress. Actually, there is no such thing as stress as we think there is; instead we have to deal with eradicating tension that we can control, while stress comes from outside of us, outside pressures.

The ego all of us have deals with stress in two ways. First, acquiring and blaming – the ego says that something outside of me will make me feel better id I am stressed out. This makes us consume or buy something to gratify the need of not being stressed and make you feel happy. This never works as it gives a relieve temporarily. And second, as for the ego everything is external to be blamed for being stressed out (e.g., the government, the traffic, the weather, the other person and so on). Again, this approach does not give a long-run relieve. Moreover, for example, if you want to get a quick relief and go for shopping you do not realize that even this activity is stressful by its nature. So, instead of relieving from your stress, you impose an additional tension on you. In this way, instead of looking for outside things or activities for stress management, it is better to go within and simplify everything you are facing at the moment.

It turned out that at eradicating work tension, music is powerful, because music invisibly shields your body through influencing on the cellular and molecular levels.  The research showed that type of music is important, because it can tune your body like any musical instrument making it harmonious on a molecular level. Researchers invited University students to participate in a study that was supposed to investigate influence of music on the body in a stressful situation. A group of students who were to have a big test were divided into 3 groups: 1) meditation music, 2) no music, and 3) heavy metal music. Correlation of music and stress hormones: 1) decreased level; 2) increased level; and 3) more stress hormones released. Based on the results, it makes sense to listen to quiet, mediation-type music at the events that could be highly stressful (e.g., family gathering, money worries, if you live with people are stress cases, and so on). Music is measurable useful for the situations you think you cannot handle. I think you need to make it a habit to have meditation music on every time you feel that something is going out of your control and causes tension.



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