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How often do you think about the idea of “being right” versus “feeling good”?

It’s more likely that you have heard myriad times that you should pick up a thought that makes you feel good rather than keeps you pushing the agenda of “being right”. Whys is it so? What is the difference if you continue being pre-occupied by the idea of “being right” and putting aside the idea of “feeling good”? To answer this question, I would like to share my insights I obtained while reading Esther Hicks’ and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books. If the need to be right makes you feel angry or distressed, probably because you are not acknowledging your “rightness” and give it up. One of the advises Ester Hicks gives is to reach for a thought that feels good and rise your vibration to a higher level. Feeling good does matter! It’s a sure sign that you are on a “high-flying disc” as opposed to the low-flying disc of negative emotions and self-destructive behaviour.

It’s just another way of saying that attitude is everything. By the Law of Attraction, proposed by Esther Hicks, a good-feeling thought will bring more good-feeling thoughts that, in turn, will bring things to feel good about. You’ll build momentum and train your subconscious mind to look for the thoughts that makes you feel good. When you are aligned, you feel good.

Dr. Wayne Dyer proposed several suggestions to reach for good-feeling thoughts:

  1. Every morning and every night keep in mind that “Good Things Are Going to Happen”.
  2. Instead of using the routine question “How are you?”, learn to just say “Hello, friend”. This approach helps hear your interactant’s good-feeling thoughts that will get to reach the other person.
  3. Looking ahead, just say: “With my luck, things are going to work out great”. Anticipate a positive outcome!

Everything looks simply. But, what incredible results you can get through practicing reaching for those feeling-good thought! Don’t let hassles knock you off your “high-flying disc”. Celebrate by keeping your thoughts happy, hopeful, loving, and forgiving. Feeling good is just a thought away!




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