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The Bi-Directional Effects of Stress on Our Immune System

Doctor’s New Book Exposes Stress’ Impact on Immune System

Stress often feels like a parasite slowly sucking the life and light out of its host. In a country where 6.7 million of its inhabitants ages 15 and up report “most days were ‘quite a bit’ or ‘extremely stressful,’” according to Statistics Canada, it is no wonder there is such a strong focus on health and wellness in Canada. Stress affects Canadians’ health in more ways than most can imagine, and in more people, which Dr. Inna B. Mertsalova has studied for many years. Her new book, The Bi-Directional Effects of Stress on our Immune System, explores the connection between stress and health, and reveals how stress may not always be the parasite it seems to be.

The Bi-Directional Effects of Stress on Our Immune System by Dr. Inna B. Mertsalova, produced by FriesenPress, examines the roles stress and stress hormones play in people’s health. Dr. Mertsalova suggests that thinking of stress as being strictly harmful does not paint the full picture of its role in one’s health and well-being. Beyond the stress and stress hormones that negatively impact the body, they also have potentially beneficial properties aimed at mobilizing the immune system for fighting immunologic confrontations.

In this book, Dr. Mertsalova illustrates how the immune system functions under exposure to stress. While it is still worth avoiding stress, sometimes the better approach is mitigating it. Understanding these processes can help people cope with stress and stay healthy longer.

This book is thorough and engaging, even for readers without a significant background in biology or the health sciences. It will provide readers with an excellent overview of the why’s and wherefores of stress, and why it’s important that we take steps to reduce the amount of stress in our lives and take steps to mitigate its impact when we cannot avoid it.

– Laura Matheson, Editor of the Friesen Press

 “The content of this book is based on scientific facts, that are highly helpful  understand the impact of stress on our health and longevity…

– Lesovskaya, Ph.D., Psychiatrist

This book is unique among the ones about stress and health, as it is written from the author’s soul, not for the market…”

– Olga A. Demyanova, M.D., Ph.D., Gynaecologist

“The author conveys the link between being stressed-out and our body’s functioning, together with some level of revealing unknown…”

– Rima Cherman, B.Sc., Nurse

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