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Tips to deal with depression or anxiety stemming from childhood trauma

I would like to share an interview with a specialist who works with women who have depression or anxiety stemming from childhood trauma. Jennifer Rollin speaks with Lisa Savage, LCSW. Jennifer: Tell me about yourself, your experience, and your practice. Lisa: I’m an LCSW practicing in the state of Delaware.  I have two private practices–one that specializes in seeing children and the other adults.  I’ve been in practice since 1998. In my adult practice, I specialize in working with women…

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The walking technique that reduces wtress

The most recent research found that adding a little mindfulness to a normal, regular walk helps to fight stress and anxiety. The respondents reported less stress when they are moving around and even less when they move around mindfully. Mindful walking means being present in the moment while walking and could involve: Being more aware of the surroundings — noticing and appreciating things. Allowing thoughts about the past and future to fly away. Concentrating on the breath going in and…

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The cheerfulness and your IQ

The most recent research has found that feeling happy and satisfied is linked to having a higher IQ. Experiencing positive emotions, feeling lively and wide awake – all these variables predict higher intelligence. These conclusions come from two studies of 440 participants who completed tests of personality and well-being and happiness. The researchers have emphasised that at the moment of fulfilling the task, those with higher intelligence were less stressed both before and afterwards, as well as being more engaged.…

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THREE simplest signs of a cheating partner

Dr. Whisman’s team has found three signs that help you predict whether your partner is cheating on you. According to the findings, adultery is predicted by having a neurotic partner with low self-esteem and being suspicious that they are having an affair. Why is it so? Firstly, people who are neurotic (those who are scored high on Neuroticism in the Big Fives) tend to have less control over their impulses, so are more likely to act on an opportunity. Secondly,…

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